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全球事件的动态变化, 在全国范围内, and in our hometowns have transformed our world in 道路s we could not have imagined. 我们的 task force is here to keep you informed of technical updates for individuals and businesses alike so you can understand the changes and mitigate risk. 我们鼓励您收藏本页,并经常查看. 我们将更新这一页作为新的信息可用.




Dayton has more than 21 years of experience specializing in healthcare advisory services with a focus on hospitals, 农村卫生诊所, 医生组, 家庭办公室, 养老院, 以及家庭健康机构.

新型冠状病毒肺炎更新 & 来自我们实践小组的bet5365最新线路检测

We want to hear from you about your experience with the Paycheck Protection Program.

For many businesses the PPP forgiveness application process will be highly complex.

3月27日,总统签署了长达880页的《beat365最新地址》. beat365最新地址’s tax team has put together a comprehensive guide to the tax features of the Act.


税收规则正在改变. 让我们解释一下.

变化正在迅速发生. We have already seen an extended payment deadline, followed quickly by an extended filing deadline.  We are watching the changes minute by minute and will share them with you in simple terms, 有关你, 所以beat365最新地址随时了解情况, 做决定, 并采取行动.

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The healthcare industry has been feeling ever-increasing pressure over the last few months as the impact of coronavirus spreads across the globe. 医院, 医疗组织, and insurance providers are facing unprecedented challenges as they work to protect, 治疗, 阻止新型冠状病毒肺炎的传播. Let our healthcare advisors help you translate and navigate the operational and financial implications for your organization.

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There’s no denying that 新型冠状病毒肺炎 will have a staggering impact on your bottom line. Social distancing and quarantines are forcing businesses and organizations across the country to significantly limit their operations or close completely. If you’re struggling with how to best run your business during this uncertain time and wondering what recovery will look like, 我们是来帮忙的.

外面有很多信息. 这里有一些可能会有帮助.

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业务 processes and supporting technologies are being challenged.

每个行业每天都面临着新的挑战. Reaction times may never have been as demanding as they are today. 我们的 商业及科技谘询 团队积极协助客户降低风险, 保持业务高效流动, 并提供技术基础设施支持. Let us help you refine and realize your plans – short and long term.

We will share all the tools we have at our disposal to make your reaction and business continuity stay ahead of this curve. 首先,看看这些 国家网络安全联盟的在线网络研讨会 covering a variety of risk and cybersecurity topics for small and medium-sized businesses.

有问题? 联系Ilona Davis,商务和技术实践主管.


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Doing our part to help our clients, colleagues, and friends stay safe under the threat of 新型冠状病毒肺炎


我们还有重要的工作要做, as many of you have entrusted us with preparation of your tax returns, 审计你的财务报表, 和其他服务. Rest assured, we are going to fulfill our responsibilities, but the 道路 we provide those services necessarily has changed somewhat in recent days, and it may change again.

The phrases “unprecedented times” and “social distancing” have become nomenclature for the world that surrounds us. 在beat365最新地址, 短语的质量, 响应性, 及时性, 照顾别人, 作为一个团队的胜利是我们形成的基础. We will continue to be the trusted business partner you have come to rely on, 特别是在这些充满挑战的时期.


新型冠状病毒肺炎 has sparked many changes this year, including life at beat365最新地址. 看看beat365最新地址团队的新常态是什么样子.

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